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Using Migrate for your iPhone

How do I migrate information from my iPhone?


Tip: Click here for details on using Migrate for Android

You can migrate Contacts and Calendar events from your iPhones to your device in a couple of ways:

From your phone:

  1. Open the Migrate app on your phone (you may need to download the latest version from the Play Store)
  2. Select "iPhone"
  3. Enter your iCloud credentials (AppleID & iCloud Password), hit Continue
  4. Hit Begin Transfer
  5. Log into your Google account
  6. Migration will begin.
  7. Migration Success!

From MotoMaker:

  1. After buying your Moto X on MotoMaker, you will see a confirmation page inviting you to use Migrate.
  2. Select I have an iPhone
  3. Enter your iCloud credentials (AppleID & iCloud Password), hit Continue
  4. Hit Begin Transfer
  5. Log into your Google account
  6. Migration will begin.
  7. Migration Success!

More details on Migrate for your iPhone

Where can I locate my data on my (Moto X) Android device?

To view the data that has been migrated from iCloud, you’ll need to setup a Google account on your new Android device.

Follow these steps to setup a Google account on your Moto X device:

To find Contacts: Look for the iCloud group in contacts

  • To find Calendar data: Look for the iCloud calendar
  • Still not seeing your calendar data? Review calendar data below for more ideas.

    I bought my Moto X before Motorola launched iPhone migration or I did not select this option at time of purchase.  Can I still migrate from my old iPhone?

    If you signed in when you purchased through MotoMaker, yes!  Just sign in again at Motorola.com, go to your order history, then click on your order number and select "Migrate". You can also follow the Order status link from your confirmation emails (if you still have them).

    If you did not sign in, you can get help with transferring your contacts here.

    Are all iCloud and Google fields the same?

    Some contact and calendar field names vary between iCloud and Google.  The charts below display the fields you migrated from iCloud and where they land in Google.


     iCloud  Google
     Photo  Photo
     First  Name
     Last  Name
     Company  Name
     Work - Phone  Phone
     Home - Phone  Phone
     Mobile - Phone  Phone
     Work - Email  Email
     Home - Email  Email
     Work - Address  Address
     Home - Address  Address
     URL - Homepage  URL
     Birthday  Birthday
     Notes  Add a Note 

    Calendar Events

     iCloud  Google
     Title  Untitled Event
     Date  Date
     Time  Time
     Location  Where
     Note  Description
     Alert  Reminder
     All Day  All Day
     Invitees  Guests
     Repeat  Repeat 

    Can I find the data I migrated using a desktop browser?

    Yes, after a successful migration your calendar and contact data is available via desktop browser and on your Moto X.

    Go to www.gmail.com on Safari, Chrome, Firefox , or Internet Explorer and login to access your account.

    To view your Contacts:
    Click the Gmail menu and select Contacts

    To view your Calendar:
    Select Calendar from the menu bar on top

    Note: The data migrated to Gmail is labeled iCloud

    I'm not sure what Google account my contacts & calendar are transferring to.  What should I do?

    If you have multiple Google accounts, your content will transfer to the account your are signed in to on your Chrome browser.

    If you aren't already signed in to Chrome, you will get a prompt to do so and grant permissions to Motorola Migrate
    If you are already signed in to Chrome, you will bypass the prompt

    To choose a different account to migrate to, you can do one of two things:

      • When asked to grant permissions to Motorola Migrate, you can see what account you are signed into at the top of the screen.  Click to select a different account.
      • Open your Chrome browser & go to Menu -> Settings to switch accounts

    Could I have duplicate contacts after the transfer?

    The migration process transfers all contacts from iCloud to your Google account, which means there might be duplicates.  Gmail has simple tools to find and merge duplicates.

    Follow these instructions to merge similar contacts:

    1. Go to your contacts data in Gmail
    2. Highlight your iCloud contact group
    3. Click More
    4. Select Find & merge duplicates…

    Allow sufficient time for the process to complete. (This varies depending on the number of duplicates in your account.)

    New calendar data does not display on my phone.  Should I retry?

    No need to retry, let's verify that the new calendar is set to display on your phone.

    1. Open the calendar on your phone
    2. Tap Menu
    3. Select "Calendars to Display"
    4. Click "Calendars to Sync" button
    5. Tap "iCloud"

    Your phone should automatically sync when the iCloud calendar is enabled.  If not, follow these steps to sync.

    1. Open the phone Settings app
    2. Scroll to accounts, select Google
    3. Tap menu and Sync now

    If you're still having trouble viewing the calendar data on the phone, go ahead and retry the migration process.

    I don't want this calendar and contact data on my Moto X phone.  How do I remove the migrated data?

    If you want to permanently delete the data from your Moto X phone, follow these steps to delete the iCloud calendar.

    1. Log into your Google account
    2. On black menu bar click Calendar
    3. Click cog icon (top right), select Settings
    4. Select Calendars and choose iCloud
    5. Click Permanently delete this calendar
    6. Check Yes and click Delete for everyone

    Contacts in the iCloud group can be deleted 250 at a time.

    1. Log into your Google account
    2. Click Gmail menu and select Contacts
    3. Choose iCloud group
    4. Click the check box above the contact list to select all 250 contacts on that screen
    5. Select the More menu and Delete contacts
    6. Repeat this process until all contacts are removed
    7. Click More menu and Delete group

    If you delete group before the contacts are removed they will automatically transfer to the Other Contacts group.

    How many accounts can I migrate?

    We recommend that you migrate your primary iCloud account to your new Google account.  If you reuse the same Google account, data in the iCloud calendar and contact list will be deleted and recreated.  

    However, Android phones allow you to have multiple Google accounts.  You can complete the migration from your second iCloud account into a different Google account.  Follow these steps to add a Google account to your Moto X phone: How long does it take to transfer my data?

    There are many factors in determining the speed of your data transfer, including Internet connection type, connection speed, iCloud and Google servers.  

    The migration tool provides an estimate based on the amount of calendar and contact data in your iCloud account.  For example, we expect to successfully migrate 500 calendar events and 500 contacts within 5 minutes.  

    The progress bar that displays during the migration process is the most accurate indicator since it is based on data actually being transferred.

    I have more than one Google account.  Can I pick which one to transfer to?

    Absolutely. After you click “Begin transfer”, if you haven’t signed into any accounts, you will be able to log in to your preferred Google account.  If you’re already signed into a Google account, you can switch to a different account if desired from the permissions screen.  If you’re signed into multiple accounts, you’ll be able to choose one.  

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