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Activate your razr

How can I activate my razr?

To activate, you will need to contact Verizon Customer Service.

Verizon Customer Service hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm local time (*Subject to change) 

Your razr uses an eSIM (electronic SIM card) instead of a traditional SIM card.
This is already provided and installed in your razr. 

What you need before you contact Verizon:
  • You will need an alternative phone or land line to call Verizon to activate your razr

  • Locate your IMEI and ICCID (also referred to as SIM Card ID) on the bottom of your razr box

    If you’ve already set-up your razr device using Wi Fi, you can find this in Settings:
    • IMEI (In the device, go to Settings > About phone > IMEI)
    • ICCID (In the device, go to Settings > About phone > SIM status > ICCID)

  • Working Wi Fi connection and access to your email (either on your computer or other active device)

Activating your razr:
  1. Call Verizon Customer Service: 800.922.0204 during hours listed above with an alternative phone or land line.
  2. Ask for “Representative
  3. Tell the representative that you want to “activate a Motorola razr with an eSIM
  4. Provide the Verizon customer service rep with the following information:
    • IMEI
    • SIM Card ID (ICCID)
  5. The Verizon customer service rep will walk you through the necessary steps.

Tip: If you log into your Verizon account and go to support, you can schedule to have an agent call you at a time that works best.

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