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Charge the JBL SoundBoost Speaker

How do I charge the JBL SoundBoost Speaker?

Charge It

Charge up fully before starting your speaker.


1.  Charging Port

2.  Charge Level Button / Charging Indicator Light

Tip: If your phone is still attached to the speaker, charging the phone is the best way to charge both at the same time.

Charging status lights

On the phone:

Open Quick Settings by swiping down with two fingers. You’ll see two battery icons, phone on the right and attached mod on the left.


Use the battery check button:

Image   Press the button to check the battery level

Charging slow blinking green
Full charge rapid blinking green, or steady green when charging

Partially charged:



steady green, then off
steady amber, then off
steady red, then off

Very low power rapid blinking red

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