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Setup ATT / Yahoo email provider's email accounts on my MILESTONE X2

What are the settings to setup AT&T, Bellsouth, SBCGlobal, or other related AT&T / Yahoo email provider's email accounts?

The mail server settings below will work with all of the following AT&T domains:

  • @ameritech.net
  • @att.net
  • @bellsouth.net
  • @flash.net
  • @nvbell.net
  • @pacbell.net
  • @prodigy.net
  • @sbcglobal.net
  • @snet.net
  • @swbell.net
  • @wans.net


To setup your AT&T or other Yahoo server email:

  1. Open Applications tray, Tap My Accounts
  2. Select Add account
  3. Select Yahoo Mail icon Image(Yahoo icon recommended, but should also add under "Email" icon with manual set-up)
  4. Enter your full email address and password.  (for AT&T, Bellsouth, SBCglobal accounts, enter your normal domain name - ie: "@att.net")



AT&T, Bellsouth, SBCGlobal manual set-up email server settings are displayed in the table below.


Use these to manually set up your phone for any AT&T / Yahoo server email accounts.


Email Program Settings Field:


Incoming (POP)


Outgoing (SMTP)

(requires authentication)

Incoming mail server:


Incoming/Outgoing User Name:

Full AT&T email address, including domain (e.g., test@att.net, test@bellsouth.net)

Incoming mail port #:

995, Use secure connection checked

Outgoing mail port #

465, Use secure connection checked



  • When updating the Use secure connection settings, check the Use secure connection box first and then update the port number if necessary.
  • If having issues sending or receiving in 3G, try again in Wi-Fi


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