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Use fingerprint security - moto z4

Using fingerprint security on the moto z4

Set up fingerprint security

The fingerprint sensor is part of your screen and appears only when you need it. Use it to unlock your phone, make fast and secure online and in-store purchases, and sign into bank and finance apps.

  1. Go to Settings > Security & location.
  2. Touch Fingerprint.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to scan your fingerprint.

Fingerprints are stored securely on the phone.


  • Scan your fingers when they are clean and dry
  • Cover as much surface of your finger as possible during the scanning process, including edges
  • If using a screen protector, ensure it is a recommended protector

Add more fingerprints

Keep in mind that:

  • If multiple users share the phone, users should add their fingerprints from within their user profile, instead of adding multiple fingerprints to your owner profile.
  • Anyone whose fingerprints are added to a user profile can unlock the phone and authorize purchases with the associated Google account or apps.

Add a fingerprint for each finger you want to use with the sensor:

  1. Go to Settings > Security & location.
  2. Touch Fingerprint and enter your pattern, PIN, or password to verify your identity.
  3. Touch Add fingerprint.
  4. Use the fingerprint sensor to scan another fingerprint.
  5. Rename each fingerprint. Touch the current name, type a name, and touch OK.

Remove a fingerprint

  1. Go to Settings > Security & location.
  2. Touch Fingerprint and enter your pattern, PIN, or password to verify your identity.
  3. Touch Image  next to the fingerprint.

Use fingerprint to unlock phone

To verify your identity when you see Image on the screen, touch & hold the sensor until you feel a vibration.

When unlocking the phone:

  • Try to position your finger to fully cover the fingerprint light icon
  • Try to keep the finger still, and put a little bit of pressure
  • If the fingerprint sensor keeps failing too much, try removing all fingerprints and re-add the fingerprints.

Tip: You can temporarily turn off fingerprint unlocking and lock screen notifications with Lockdown mode.

Use fingerprint to sign in to apps

To use the fingerprint sensor with third-party apps:

  • Be sure the app supports fingerprint recognition.
  • Install the app and open its settings to adjust options, like enabling fingerprint unlock.
  • Consult the app's help info for more instructions.

Why am I still asked for PIN/pattern?

For maximum security, you still need to enter your pattern, PIN, or password:

  • Every time you power up your phone
  • When more than 72 hours have passed since you last unlocked the phone
  • When you go to Settings > Security & location > Fingerprint
  • When the sensor can’t read the fingerprint

Screen Protectors

Some screen protectors may prevent the fingerprint sensor from working properly.

Here is a list of recommended screen protectors:


Each finger has a unique print. If you’ve added only one fingerprint, add more for other fingers you want to use with the sensor.

The sensor may have trouble reading fingerprints if:

  • Your finger is wet, oily, dirty, overly-dry, or injured.
  • You added protective film, or incompatible screen protector to your screen.
  • If a registered fingerprint isn't working as expected, remove and re-add the fingerprint.
  • If your finger is injured, add fingerprints for your other fingers and use them until healed. 

Tip: Your moto z4 is also equipped with a convenient face unlock feature which allows you to unlock your phone with just a glance. This may be a more convenient security option for some users


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