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Sync Google Mail, Calendar, and Contacts - Moto G 2nd Generation

Sync Google Mail, Calendar, and Contacts - Moto G 2nd Generation

Google Apps on your phone, such as Books, Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts, give you access to the same personal information (emails, events, and contacts) that you add, view, and edit on your computer using Gmail or Calendar with your Google account.  If you do not have an account you will be asked to create one when attempting to access any of these apps.


To adjust synchronization of Google account(s):

  1. Touch Apps Image > Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Accounts and touch Google.
  3. Touch the Google account type you wish to adjust: Books, Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts
  4. Sync the options one at a time by touching them or sync everything simultaneously by touching Menu Image > Sync now.
  5. If you want to stop the synchronization process, touch Menu Image > Cancel sync.

If you are experiencing sync issues, try removing and re-adding the Google account.  Ensure you know your Google account information before doing so.  If you aren't sure, follow the Google password reset instructions below.

Reset Gmail Password

If you forgot or are unsure about your Google password, but you remember your Gmail / Google account name, you can use a computer to access the Google account and Google will send a link to reset your account password to another one of your email accounts. Follow steps below to reset Google password with your computer:

  1. Please use a computer to visit http://www.gmail.com
  2. From the Gmail login page click on the "Can't access your account?" link
  3. Check I forgot my password and check Visit our password recovery page.
  4. Enter your Google/Gmail address (including "@gmail.com").  Click Submit.
  5. Copy text from random captcha and enter into field.
  6. A reset password link and directions will be emailed to the back-up email account you established during initial Gmail set-up on your computer. Follow the directions to reset your Gmail password.
  7. Once your login information is recovered, use that information to sync your Google accounts as directed above.

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