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Using Voice Command

How do I use Voice Command?

You can use Voice Command to call your contacts, send messages, make phone calls and perform a number of other common tasks. This feature can be launched simply by going into your app tray and launching the Voice Command application or if you are using a bluetooth, by pressing the call button.

  • Launch Voice Command.
  • Speak the Voice Action you want to use.
  • When you’re finished speaking, Voice Command then analyzes your speech and initiates the action.

What can I ask Voice Commands?

 Call John Smith  Call 617-555-1212
 Send Text Mary  Send Email John Smith
 Look up John Smith  Check Messages

 Go to "application"

 Play <Playlist Name>
 Redial  Turn Bluetooth On
 Turn Wi-Fi On  Check "status item"

Note: Some Voice Actions, such as “send text” and “send email” may open a panel that prompts you to complete the action by speaking or typing more information.

  • If Voice Search didn’t understand what you said, it presents a list of similar-sounding search terms and actions, which you can touch to choose.
    If you are not prompted with this option, you can adjust this feature in the Voice Command Settings.
    Tap on the Wrench Icon > Voice command settings > Confirmation - Always confirm.
  • Although Voice adaptation is usually not necessary, you have the option of adapting your voice if Voice Command has trouble understanding you.
    Tap on the Wrench Icon > Voice command settings > Adaptation

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