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Using the camera

How do I use the camera?

Tip: To enable all features and get optimized performance, visit the Play Store to ensure you are running the latest version of Motorola Camera.

Using the camera Image



Touch anywhere on the screen to take the photo.

Multi-shot - Touch and hold the screen to take a burst of photos.



Drag up or down with one finger to zoom.
Zoom range from 1X- 4X.

Touch Image in the camera screen to switch between front and rear camera

Touch Image in the camera screen to switch to video camera and start recording.

Touch Image to stop recording. 

 Image Capture a still shot during a video: Touch anywhere on the screen while recording to save a photo. 

Camera Settings

ImageWhen you want something a little different, swipe the screen right to view these camera options.




1080p 30 frames per second for default capture
720p 60 frames per second for SLOMO capture mode

Image  HDR (High Dynamic Range) is best when used for landscapes or outdoor portraits. Not recommended for action shots.   

Note: HDR mode will not work when Flash is set to On.   
Set to On,Off or Auto
Set the camera to focus on the object you touch in the screen
Take a slow motion video (Slow-motion video does not include audio)
 Image Panorama - Use the on-screen guide to slowly pan while you are taking the photo
 Image Tag your photos with a location
 Image Turn the shutter tone On or Off
 Image To launch the camera at any time quickly twist your wrist twice.

Click here for details on sharing, editing, and deleting your photos or videos.

Click here for details on transferring pictures and videos from your phone to your computer.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Third-party cases can interfere with the camera. Try removing the case if you have image-quality issues with photos.
  • Please make sure there is not a protective covering over the camera lens.
  • Ensure the camera lens is clean and free from any obstructions. Take a dry cloth and gently clean the camera lens.
  • Make sure your finger is not covering or shading the camera lens while taking the photo or video.
  • Power the phone off and on.

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