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Display screen with Miracast™ Wireless - Droid Ultra

Display screen with Miracast™ Wireless - Droid Ultra

Display the phone's screen on devices with Miracast™ wireless display.  Miracast™ is a wireless display standard that allows a device to display a phone’s screen.

Note: The device you want to display the phone’s screen on must be certified for Miracast™.  Click here for a listing of Miracast™-certified display devices.

You can use Miracast™ on devices without embedded Wi-Fi by using a Miracast™-certified adapter that supports an interface, such as High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) or Universal Serial Bus (USB).

To enable Miracast™ Wireless Display:

  1. Connect your Miracast™ dongle to your HDMI-capable TV, or turn on your Miracast™ - enabled TV.
  2. Touch the Command Center widget on your Home screen.
  3. Touch Wireless Display.
  4. Touch the Miracast™-certified device that displays.Image


  • Enable Auto-connect to automatically connect to last display when Wireless display is turned on.  Touch Apps  > Settings > Display > Wireless display > select Auto-connect.
  • For faster access, you can:
    • Add the Wireless Display widget to your homescreen.
    • Touch Wireless Display from Quick Settings.
  • Mirroring onto a Wireless display while using Bluetooth may reduce performance.

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