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Managing my contacts

How do I manage my contacts?

Touch Apps ImageImage People


Transfer contacts

Get all your contacts, all in one place. Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Use Gmail™

    When you set up or sign in to your Google™ account on your smartphone, all your Gmail contacts are synced automatically with your People Image app. After that, your contacts stay in sync whether you make changes on your smartphone, from another device, or from a web browser. Most contact applications for mobile phones and email accounts allow you to export your contacts as a “.csv” file. You can then use Gmail to import the file. For more details, go to www.motorola.com/transfercontacts or log in to your Gmail account on your computer and select “Help”.

  • More

    There are other methods and tools to help you at www.motorola.com/transfercontacts

Link Contacts

You might have two or more contacts for the same person, maybe a Gmail contact who is also stored on your smartphone, or one friend with two email addresses. To combine these contacts:

Touch Apps Image > People Image, Touch a contact to open it, touch Menu Image  > Edit > Menu Image > Join, then touch the second contact.

Call or email contacts

Touch Apps Image > People Image

  • To call a contact, touch the contact’s name, then touch the number you want to call. To send a text message, touch Image next to the number.

  • To email a contact, touch the contact’s name, then touch the contact’s email address.

View & use contacts

Touch Apps ImagePeople Image

  • To find a contact, touch Image and type the contact name.

    Touch a contact to open its details. You can start a call or message by touching the phone number, messaging Image button, or email address.

  • To change which group of contacts is shown (like All contacts or contacts from your Gmail account) touch Menu Image > Contacts to display.

  • To change how you view the list of contacts, touch Menu Image > Settings > Display options.

Create contacts

Touch Apps Image > People Image > Image > You will be prompted to select an option of which account to create the contact under; select an option then touch OK

Click herefor details on adding Facebook contacts


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