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How do I connect my Motorola Boom?

How do I connect my HX600?

Easy Pair Steps

  1. Turn off any Bluetooth devices previously paired with your headset.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your device.
  3. Turn on your headset and follow the voice prompts
     (To turn your headset on and off, flip the boom to the open position)
  4. Go to the Bluetooth menu on your device
    to pair & connect with the headset. Enter
    passcode 0000 if prompted
  5. When the device and headset connect,
    you’ll hear “pairing complete

Connect using NFC

Use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to pair your headset and device just by touching them together.


  1. Turn on Bluetooth and NFC on your device.
  2. Turn on your headset.
  3. Touch the front side of the headset (with Call
    button) to the NFC reader location on the
    device (display must be on).
  4. The device notifies you when pairing is complete.


  • Your device must support NFC Bluetooth pairing.
  • NFC reader location and functionality may
    vary between devices. See your device user’s guide for details.

If you use two phones or maybe a phone and a tablet you can connect with both of them. 

  1. Pair the first device with your headset as described in easy pair steps above.
  2. Turn off the Bluetooth feature on the first device.
  3. Now pair the second device with your headset as normal.
  4. Once paied, to connect with both devices simply turn them on. You will hear "phone one connected" and "phone two connected" as each device connects with your headset. 

Note: To use headset features like voice dial, redial, or end call, just use the feature as normal and follow the voice prompts.


If the headset will not pair, press and hold the Call button, and turn the headset off and on (close and reopen the headset boom).

Follow the voice prompts to reset the headset. You’ll hear “Sonic Boom is ready to pair”

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