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How do I connect my S11-FLEX HD to other devices?

How do I connect my S11-FLEX HD to other devices?

To connect your S11-FLEX HD with other devices follow the steps below:

1.  Turn Bluetooth on for your other device. (phone, computer, etc.)

2.  Turn headset on. (Please ensure device is charged)

3.  Enter passcode, if prompted, on your other device. Passcode is 0000

4.  When complete headset will say "Device 1 connected". 

Your S11-FLEX HD will allow you to pair with two devices using integrated multipoint technology.  Follow the steps below to connect with a second device.

1.  Power off or disable Bluetooth for any previously paired devices.

2.  Turn Bluetooth on for your second device. (phone, computer, etc.)

3.  Turn headset on. (Please ensure device is charged)

4.  Enter passcode, if prompted, on your other device. Passcode is 0000

5.  When complete headset will say "Device 2 connected".

Note: While multipoint connections work for calls, only one music streaming connection can be maintained at a time.

If you cannot pair your headset to a second device, ensure you have Multi-Point is turned On.

To turn on Multi-point:

1. Power on your headset while pressing the call button.

2. Follow the prompts to turn on Multi-Point

Then proceed with the steps above to pair your second device


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