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MOTOROLA P4000 troubleshooting tips

MOTOROLA P4000 troubleshooting tips

Portable Charger does not turn on after a device is connected

  • Press Power/Charge button to turn charger on.
  • If Portable Charger does not turn on, it may be depleted, charge it through the micro USB charge input connector.


Portable Charger does not turn on when power/charge button is pressed

  • Portable Charger may be depleted. Charge it through the micro-USB charge input connector using the supplied charger.


Portable Charger does not turn off after device is disconnected

  • Press Power/Charge button for 3 or more seconds.


LEDs do not light up under any circumstance

  • Try manual 'power-off' first via a 3 sec long press, wait for 3 seconds, and then manually power it back on via a short press.


Portable Charger LEDs flash rapidly and then turn off when a device is connected

  • The device is trying to draw more current than the Portable Charger can supply.  Disconnect the device, then reset the Portable Charger by pressing the Power/Charge button for 3 or more seconds.


Portable Charger won't charge my completely dead device (phone, Bluetooth headset, music player, fitness watch, etc.)

  • In most cases of devices where the batteries are completely depleted, it is recommended that you recover those devices using the original charger that shipped with the device.  Once the device is recovered, the Portable Charger can be used for normal charging.


Portable Charger won't charge my HTC phone

  • It is reported that fully depleted HTC phones tend to not take a charge from any power source; try another charger, like the one that came with the device.  If that doesn't work, contact HTC customer support.


Portable Charger won't charge my device when I connect it to my PC

  • We recommend using a higher power charger instead of using a PC.  Wait 30 seconds, and check if your device is charging.  If not, your Portable Charger may have less than 25% capacity left.  Wait for it to charge to 25% first before it can charge your device. Your device should start charging within 2hrs.

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