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How do I connect my H19txt with a phone?

How do I connect my H19txt with a phone?

To pair the H19txt, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Turn off any Bluetooth devices previously paired with your headset.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone.
  3. Ensure your headset is charged and the charger is removed. 
  4. Turn on your headset by opening the boom. See example
  5. The indicator light is solid blue and voice prompt: “Welcome to MotorolaH19txt” “ready to pair”
  6. Follow the voice prompts.
  7. When prompted for the passkey, enter 0000.
  8. When connected, voice prompt: “pairing complete”




Test your connection

  1. Place the headset on your ear.
  2. On the phone, dial the number you want to call and press the Call button Image.

If your phone and headset are successfully connected, you hear ringing on the headset.

For daily use, make sure your headset is turned on, and your phone's Bluetooth feature is on. Your headset and phone will connect automatically.

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