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Pairing your MOTOACTV with your MOTOACTV application

Pairing your MOTOACTV with your MOTOACTV application

To connect your Android Smartphone to MOTOACTV for notifications
  1. Download the MOTOACTV application Image  to the smartphone.
  2. On your MOTOACTV go to SettingsGeneralSmart Phone SetupYes
  3. On your smartphone, launch MOTOACTV app 
  4. Tap Settings,
  5. Tap MOTOACTV Device Settings (No Motocast ID)
  7. Scan for your MOTOACTV, tap on your device and accept pair request on both devices.

Tip: You can also use your phone to set up Wi-Fi on your device. After you connect your device and smartphone, you can receive calls, text message and calendar notifications.

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