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How can I recommend / view golf courses available for my MOTOACTV?

How can I view / recommend golf courses available for my MOTOACTV?

If you are having trouble locating a course. Try to adding, or updating your course list first by clicking  Here

If you can still cannot locate your course after adding your region or updating your course list on your MOTOACTV, you can visit SkyDroid.net and click on "Course" for a list of available courses and for additional options if your course is not yet available.

Note: If your course information is missing or not available,  you can create the course on Skydroid.net. Once your course is successfully created, wait 24hrs, then update your course list on your MOTOACTV Fitness Device.

To Update your course list:

From your home screen:

  • Touch Workout
  • Touch Golf
  • Touch Courses
  • Touch My Courses
  • Touch Update

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