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Release Notes - MOTOACTV Software Upgrade 5.0

Exciting news from MOTOACTV!

We're always finding ways to perform better-just like you. And we're proud to announce a new software upgrade for MOTOACTV featuring important enhancements like longer battery life with status bar to help make your workout even more rewarding.

To install the latest software, just connect your MOTOACTV device to your PC or Mac (cable included) and you'll be prompted to download and install. It's free and easy!

New Features
Longer Battery Life

MOTOACTV's indoor/outdoor battery life is now better than ever before with up to 9 hours of uninterrupted workout time outdoors.

Battery Status Bar
Now you can now see how long your battery will last via the handy Status Bar. Just monitor your percentage and make the most of your workout time!


Workout Screen Lock
Ever activate your Workout Screen through accidental contact? Problem solved. Now you can lock it to prevent unwanted display activation. Just Double Press the Power key to lock and unlock your workout screen.


Enhanced Auto-Pause and Auto-Run
Now you can take a break from the action and pause your workout manually, even if Auto-Pause is enabled. You can also choose between indoor/outdoor Auto-Run options.

Repeat a Planned Workout
You're now free to repeat a planned workout even if it had been previously started.

Additional Enhancements Include:

  • WAHOO BLE HRM Strap support has been added.
  • Enhanced syncing planned interval workouts to MOTOACTV.com.
  • Workout metrics have been reordered for easier searching.
  • Improved WiFi syncing when multiple networks are configured.
  • Optimized list of workout metrics so you can search for your favorites easier.
  • Pressing the BACK key on any Home screen brings up the watch face.

Available Upgrades:


Who Can Use This Release?
All MOTOACTV users on official software releases 4.55.78, 4.56.78, 4.57.78 and 4.58.78

To see what version of MOTOACTV you currently have please go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > MOTOACTV STATUS > SYSTEM VERSION

If your upgrade does not automatically install, please make sure that your device is plugged in and click DEVICE > Check for Device Upgrade (in MOTOCAST USB)

Additional Information

There is no charge for this Software Upgrade.


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