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Can I use MOTOACTV on an airplane?

Can I use MOTOACTV on an airplane?

On MOTOACTV, GPS is turned on only during workout and Wi-Fi is turned on for 5 min every 15 min for first hour after workout is completed. So if MOTOACTV is used as a music player, Wi-Fi and GPS will be turned off.

If you connect to a wireless headset, then Bluetooth will be turned on. Many airlines do not allow using Bluetooth devices so in that case, MOTOACTV can be only used with wired headset.


  • It is safe to use MOTOACTV on a plane as a music player with wired headset.
  • Earlier software versions of MOTOACTV did have a specific airplane mode setting, however this feature was removed.
  • You should not attempt to start a workout while on a plane
  • You should always adhere to the flight crews recommendations on using portable electronic devices. 

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