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How do I sync workouts from my MOTOACTV device to MOTOACTV.com?

How do I sync workouts from my MOTOACTV device to MOTOACTV.com?

There are three ways to sync your workout data from your MOTOACTV device to MOTOACTV.com web portal:

1. Connecting MOTOACTV to a computer via USB cable

2. Pre-configured WiFi network - Syncing session is automatically triggered by your MOTOACTV after your workout is completed.
You can also initiate it by going to Settings > Wireless > Workout Sync and pressing Sync Now.

3. Bluetooth connection with your Motorola SmartPhone that has MOTOACTV app installed

  • In the MOTOACTV App press Settings > MOTOACTV Device Settings > MOTOACTV.com Sync >
  • Choose whether you would like to sync via Wi-fi or Cellular Data (may incur additional charges)


  • In order to access MOTOACTV.COM you will need a MotoCast ID. Click here to learn how.
  • Two arrows next to Recent on the Workout screen indicate that you have workout data that has not yet been synced to MOTOACTV.com. To check when the last data sync took place, go to Settings > Wireless > Workout Sync
  • MOTOACTV will try to automatically sync data to MOTOACTV.com via WiFi within first hour after your workout is completed.
    If the data is not successfully synced during that time, for example due to unavailable WiFi connection, MOTOACTV will attempt to auto-sync data every 6 hours.
  • If you have workouts that are not syncing, check to ensure that the date on your MOTOACTV is correct. Having an incorrect date, will prevent your device from syncing properly. To change the date select Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Date

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