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How do I use heart rate monitors with my MOTOACTV?

How do I use heart rate monitors with my MOTOACTV?

Connecting a Heart Rate Monitor

To use a heart rate monitor you will need to add to your MOTOACTV:

  1. Scroll left to Settings
  2. Touch Sensors
  3. Select ANT+ or BLE
  4. Touch Add Sensor
  5. Touch Heart Rate Monitor
  6. Your MOTOACTV will scan 
  7. Tap on your heart rate monitor to connect to your device.
  8. Touch Done

Compatible Heart Rate Monitors

MOTOACTV can work with:

  • Motorola ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor
  • Other ANT+ Heart Rate Monitors

You can monitor your heart rate without starting a workout.  To do so..

  1. Touch the Time on your device
  2. Touch Timepiece
  3. Choose Heart rate clock face 

Note: Using this feature will an impact on battery life of your MOTOACTV and Heart Rate Monitor.


Click here to learn if your device is using ANT+

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