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How do I setup workouts on my MOTOACTV?

How do I setup workouts?

The easiest way to plan a workout is to use the MOTOACTV.com web portal, but you can also start one directly from your device.

Workout Quick Start

1.  Drag the home screen right and touch the Workout screen


2.  Touch an activity and setup your workout


3.  Press the Start Key and go


Tip:  Press the Start Key again to Pause/resume workout. Press & hold the Start Key to Return to workout

Workout Summary

After you complete a workout, a summary appears, and you are ready to sync data with the web portal.

When you get within range of your Wi-Fi network, the data automatically syncs. You can logon to MOTOACTV.com to see your results.

Tip: If you see up and down arrows next to Recent in your Workout list, it is recommended that you sync your fitness data


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