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MOTONAV TN700 Series - Voice Prompted Search

How do I use the voice prompted search on my MOTONAV?  

You can use the online voice prompted search service to find just about anything.

This service searches for you, then sends your results to your phone in a text message.

Note: Voice search is a free service. Your standard network charges still apply.

   1. Tap the map
   2. Tap Voice Search 

Your phone automatically dials to contact the voice prompt server. When prompted, say a search item:

  • Businesses (such as, “Joe’s Coffee Shop” or “coffee”) 
  • Stock quotes
  • Entertainment (such as, “horoscopes” or “blackjack”)
  • Travel (such as, “taxi,” “airlines,” “hotels,” “rental cars,” or “local time”)
  • News Center
  • Sports
  • Popular Shortcuts

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