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MOTONAV TN700 Series - Multiview

How do I use the multiview panels on my MOTONAV?  

Your MOTONAV display has Multiview - expandable left and right views. You can use these panels without ever leaving the map.

Tip: To return to the map tap the map or press the Map button on the top of the device.


Here’s what the map looks like:


Map View

Tap the map to see these main features.


Tip: Need to find out what a symbol on the map means? Just tap it.

Right view—Main Menu

To open the main menu, tap the map, then tap Main Menu.To close the main menu, tap the map.


Calling - Open a number pad to dial a number.
Contacts - View your phonebook.
Messaging - Send and read text messages.
Favorites - View your favorite locations.
Trip Planner - Plan a route.
Weather - Check weather forecasts.
Main Menu - Access more: Voice Search, Points of Interest,Offer Inbox, Settings, Help.
Flight Status - Check flight status.
Fuel Prices -  Check local fuel prices.

Left view

Tap the left edge of the screen to see information about your route. To close the left view, tap it again.


When you reach your destination, the Trip Info panel becomes the Trip Summary panel.

Tip: A way point is a stop you make along your route before you reach your destination.

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