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T325 Phonebook Download

How do I transfer my contacts from my phone to the T325?

You can manually download up to 1500 phonebook contacts from your phone to your speakerphone so it can announce the name of your incoming caller. Your phone must support Bluetooth Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) for this feature to work. If your phone does not support the PBAP profile, you can manually send up to 50 contacts to your speakerphone using the v-card download feature. This allows the speakerphone to announce the name of your incoming caller


1. Phonebook Download


o Press both call and mute / favorite contacts buttons at the same time until you hear a tone or "downloading caller id information:"

o When the download is complete, you will hear "download complete."


Note: If the download is interrupted, for example by an incoming call, it resumes after the call.


2. V-Card Download


o Press and hold the mute / favorite contacts button until you hear "connection to <phone name> has been dropped, ready to receive v-card.>"

o Transfer one or more of your contacts on your phone via Bluetooth to the speakerphone. (You may need to access your manual or the manufacturer of your device.)

o After you're done entering your contacts, press and hold the mute / favorite contacts button.When exiting, you will hear "connected to <phone name>".


Note: When you have reached the limit for downloadable contacts you well hear "maximum v-card entries has been reached, connected to <phone name>".


Note: The T325 automatically exits phone book mode after 30 seconds of inactivity. (no button presses)


Note: The first time you pair your phone to your speakerphone, it will automatically download your phone's history list of the last 10 (or 25) calls. The list changes over time to your most frequently used contacts when connected to your speakerphone.

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