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MOTONAV TN500 Series - Messaging

Can I use my MOTONAV for messaging?  

If your mobile phone supports the Bluetooth® profile for sending messages, you can use your MOTONAV device for messaging.

Receive messages

When you receive a new text message, your device shows a new message notification. Tap anywhere on the message notification to hear the message read aloud (unless you are already on a call) or tap Open to read the message.

Tip: To read your messages later, tap Main Menu > Messaging.

Send text messages

  1. Tap the map, then tap Main Menu > Messages > Create Message.
  2. Select Custom Message to type a message, My Location to send your current location, or any of the pre-written text messages.

    Note: To use a text template (pre-written message), just tap the message in the list.
  3. Tap Send To.
  4. Select a contact, or multiple contacts or tap the Keypad button to open the keyboard and dial a number.
  5. Tap Send.

Tip: You can also select a contact first, then tap Send Text Message to start composing a message.

Reply to messages

  1. Tap the map, then tap Main Menu > Messaging
  2. Select the message to reply to.
  3. Tap Reply.
  4. Select a quick, pre-written message or tap Custom Message to compose a message using the keyboard.
  5. Tap Send.

Send your location, ETA, or destination

You can easily send your current location, estimated time of arrival, and destination in a text message:

  1. While composing a message, tap Insert on the bottom of the keyboard.
  2. Select My Location, My ETA, My Destination, or All.
  3. Tap Done to return to your message.

    A sentence with your information is automatically inserted into your text message.
  4. You can add more to your message or tap Send if you’re done.

Use phone numbers in messages

If you receive a text message that has a phone number in it, you can press and hold the number on the screen to dial it, send a message to it, or share it.

If the number matches a number in your contacts, the number appears as that person’s contact name.

Use addresses in messages

If you receive a text message that has an address in it, you can press and hold the address on the screen to map a route to it, make it a favorite, share it, or see it on a map.

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