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S9 Audio Tones

What do the different sounds from my S9 represent?

The audio tones in your S9 provide status information.

Audio Tone


 Double tone when adjusting volume Volume maximum or minimum reached
 Tones while adjusting volume Increasing or decreasing volume
 High tone followed by low tone, repeated every 60 seconds Low battery 
 No audio indications or deteriorating audio quality Out of range 
 Ring tone Incoming call 
 Two ascending low tones Pairing confirmation 
 Two ascending medium tones Mute enabled 
 Two descending medium tones Power off or Mute disabled 
 Series of ascending tones Power on 
 Three ascending high tones Call connected 
 Three descending high tones Call ended/disconnected 
 Low to high tone Skip track forward 
 High to low tone Skip track backward 
 Single medium tone Play music 
 Single high tone Stop music 

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