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S9 Indicator Lights

What do the flashing lights mean, and can I turn them off?

The indicator light on the S9 provides status information.

With the charger plugged in:



 Red (Steady) Charging in progress (currently less than 25% charged)
 Yellow (Steady) Charging in progress (currently more than 25% charged)
 Green (Steady) Charging complete 

With NO charger plugged in:



 Off Power Off 
 Blue (three flashes) Powering on or Enabling Indicator Light 
 Blue (steady) Pairing Mode
 Blue with 10 quick purple flashes Pairing Successful 
 Blue (long flash) Standby (connected but not on a call or streaming music)
 Blue (quick flash) Incoming call 
 Blue (long pulse) On a call 
 Purple (long pulse) On a call (muted) 
 Red (long flash) Idle (not connected) 
 Green (long flash) Playing Streaming Music 
 Red (quick flash) Low Battery 
 Red (three flashes) Powering off or Disabling Indicator Light 

You can disable/enable the indicator light by pressing and holding  button while turning on the S9.
The indicator light will remain disabled for the following states:

  • Idle (not connected to Bluetooth device)
  • Standby (connected but not on a call or streaming music)
  • On a call
  • Playing or pausing music

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