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Wearing the S9

What is the best way to wear the S9?

Important: Always use both hands when handling your S9.

     1. Place S9 on your head and rotate as shown below:

Note: To widen the fit, pull both ends of your S9 headphones away from each other until the earphones rest at a distance that is comfortable when placed on your head.

     2. Place earhooks over ears as shown:

     3. Insert speakers into ears and adjust for a snug fit.

When fit properly, the back of your S9 headphones normally ¦#8220;float¦#8221; over your neck as shown:

For personal comfort, the back of your S9 can be adjusted up or down as needed.

Removing Headphones
To remove your S9 from your head, first remove speakers from your ears and lift headphones (using both hands) off your ears. Then rotate your S9 over
your head with both hands.

Wearing Tips
Use the following tips when wearing your S9:
¦#8226; Be sure to use both hands when handling your S9. DO NOT pull or twist your S9 when handling.
¦#8226; Be sure to wear your S9 properly. DO NOT wear your S9 upside down or on the top of your head.

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