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Karma / QA1 Car Kit Cannot voice dial a call

Why can't I voice dial a call on my car kit?

There are certain factors that may be causing this issue:

  • You may not have a "voice tag" set up for the number you want to dial in your phone. Follow your device's user manual to set up voice dialing.
  • Background noise may be interfering with your voice. Relocate the microphone to a quieter place. Move the microphone closer to the driver. Passengers in the car should be quiet while voice dialing. Minimize wind noise by rolling the windows up.
  • Most phones prompt with a beep to indicate it is now time to speak. Wait until the beep has ended before speaking. Do not over speak the beep.
  • Your phone does not have appropriate signal - Make sure that your phone has adequate signal strength to complete a call.
  • Your phone is locked- Unlock your phone. If your phone is locked you will not be able to make phone calls.
  • When making a call using the carkit please make sure that the Riser is open.

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