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Optimize wearing and audio for the H560

What is the best way to wear the H560?

There are several things you can do with the H560 to optimize wearing and usage.


The H560 headset is supplied with multiple earbuds. The earbud is fitted onto the end of your headset’s earpiece speaker, and placed onto your ear when using your headset.

The headset's performance is greatly dependent upon achieving a good fit on your ear. Therefore, we recommend trying all the supplied earbuds with the headset.


To wear your headset, flex the earhook and loop it over your as shown below:

Be sure to position the ear cushion into your ear canal for optimal audio performance and comfort.


You can wear your H560 headset on your left or right ear. The headset comes ready for the right ear. To change the headset for the left ear:

  1. Gently lift and pull the top of the earhook up and off speaker stem, as shown below:
  2. Flip the headset over
  3. Attach the earhook to the speaker stem, as shown.


You can also change the orientation of the volume buttons on your headset.

  1. Turn the headset power off.
  2. Press and hold the Volume button you want to assign as the "volume up" button and slide the switch toward the
    microphone. The indicator light flashes blue three times, then steady blue. When connected, it will flash blue/purple.

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