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Use the S7 during a call

How can I use my headphones while on a call?

When a call is active, the indicator light slowly pulses in blue on your headphones.

Press¦-;mute/unmute call
(indicator light pulses
in purple while muted)         Press¦-;end call

Rotate forward and release¦-;increase call volume (step)
Rotate backward and release¦-;decrease call volume (step)
Rotate forward and hold¦-;increase call volume (continuous)
Rotate backward and hold¦-;decrease call volume (continuous)

When there¦#8217;s a second incoming call, the indicator light flashes quickly in blue on your headphones and you hear an alert.


  1. Answer second call (first call is placed on hold),
  2. End second call (first call resumes), or
  3. Resume first call on hold (when second caller hangs up)

Rotate forward or backward and hold
¦-;reject second incoming call (If your phone supports this feature)

On most phones, if you end the second call using your phone or headphones, the call on hold instantly resumes. If the remote side of the second call ends the call, the original call remains on hold until you resume the call, either by pressing and releasing the Call button on your headphones or by using the phone to resume the call.

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