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MOTONAV - Set language and time zone

How do you set the Language and the time zone?

To select the display and voice language for your TN 20 TN 30

Note: Start From the main menu:

  • Tap Settings.


  • Tap Arrows to view other settings options


  • Tap Language .


  • Tap arrows to select languages for display and voice prompts.


  • Tap OK.

Set your time zone

To select the time zone for your TN 20/TN 30.

Note: Time is automatically set from the GPS signal.

Note: Start from the main menu:

  • Tap Settings.


  • Tap Time .


  • Tap arrows to select time zone.


  • To allow TN 20/TN 30 to adjust for daylight savings,
  • tap Adjust for Daylight Savings checkbox.
  • Tap OK

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