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MOTONAV map display controls

What are the different map display controls?

The TN 20, TN 30 Map display controls

  • Zoom in and out on maps
    • To zoom in to view a smaller area with more detail
      • Tap + on map
    • To zoom out to view a large area with less detail
      • Tap - on map
  • Map view
    • You can choose between two map views by tapping the map view icon:
      • Tap "3 D" to show 3 D view with forward direction at top
      • Tap "2 D" to show 2 D view with forward direction at top
  • Day /night map modes

Note: You can enable automatic day/night mode in map display options

    • T choose between day and night map mode:
      • From main menu
      • Tap "Settings"
      • Tap and select "Night view" or "Day View"
  • Map display options
  • Map display icons

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