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MOTONAV - Create route using address

How to create a route using an address?

Create a route going to a direct address 

To create a route to an address:

  • From the main menu:
  • Tap Go!


  • Tap Address.


  • Make sure correct state is selected 


  • To change state of destination,
    • tap "Change"  
    • tap on "see list"
    • or just type the first letter of the state,
    • Note:"it may take a second for a list of all the states starting with that letter appear"
  • Tap address
  • Type "city name" Tap ok
    • Note: To select the center of a city for a destination (instead of a specific address),
      • use the “City Center selection for the address.
  • Type in "street name" Tap ok
  • Type in "address number" Tap ok
  • Tap on the "GO"


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