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MOTONAV - Initial Configuration

How do I configure initial device settings?

To get started, you need to turn on your MOTONAV and configure initial device settings:

  1. Press and hold Power button to turn on the device until the display becomes active.

    After a few moments, a configuration wizard appears to provide step-by-step setup instructions.
  2. Set your language preference and tap OK.
  3. Review Warning message and tap OK.
  4. Review End User License Agreement (EULA), then tap I Agree checkbox and OK.
  5. Set your time zone settings and tap OK.
  6. Set your preferred measurement units and tap OK.
  7. Verify that the device displays your current location on the map view
    screen like shown below.

    If you see Finding Your GPS Location at bottom of the screen, the MOTONAV is searching for GPS satellites. Move device to an open location with a clear view of the sky and wait a few minutes to obtain
    satellite GPS signal. When obtained, your current location appears on the map view screen.
  8. Initial configuration of your MOTONAV is now complete!

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