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Charge the H9

How do I charge the H9 Mini?

To charge the H9 Mini:

  1. Plug Motorola power supply into charger port on portable charger base.  The Charger Battery indicator light turns on

    Note:  If using a Dual Charging Adapter (sold separately), plug the "Phone Side" of cable into the charger base.
  2. Insert headset snugly into portable charger base.  The Headset Battery indicator light turns on.  When the headset's batytery is fully charged (about 3 hours), hte Headset Battery indicator light turns off.

    Note:  Once the headset is fully charged, the charger base will continue to charge.  When fully charged (about 6.5 hours), the Charger Battery indicator lights turns off.

Using the Portable Charger Base:
The portable charger base provided with your headset can be used to cordlessly recharge your headset anywhere.  Once charged, the portable charger base provides power on-the-go, extending your talk time by constantly "topping off" your headset's battery.

Using the included Motorola power supply, you can charge both the portable charger base and headset at the same time. 

Note:  Using your PC's USB port as a power source for charging is not recommended.

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