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Using the EQ7 for Calls

How can I use the EQ7 for calls?

Handsfree Calls

To make and receive calls using the speaker system, a Bluetooth handsfree (HFP) connection must be established with your phone. A handsfree connection with your phone is indicated when the Call button is steadily lit.

You’ll use these controls and indicators on your speaker system when making and receiving handsfree calls.

Receive a Call

When there’s an incoming call, the Call button flashes on your speaker system and you hear ringtone over your speakers. If wireless streaming music is playing when a call is received, it is paused until the call ends. If music is playing over a wired connection, it is muted when a call is received.

While on a Call

When a call is active, the Call and Microphone Mute (Play/Pause) buttons are steadily lit on your speaker system.

When there’s a second incoming call, the Call button flashes on your speaker system, and you hear an alert.

Make a Call

Using the speaker system to make a call, you can redial the last dialed number or make a voice dial call (if your phone supports this feature). When making a voice dial call, the microphone on the speaker system is enabled, and you hear a prompt from your phone.

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