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Take Moving Photos - moto z3

Take Moving Photos - moto z3

Take Moving Photos

Save seconds of video before and after you capture a photo, with active photos. Or, animate part of a picture while the rest remains still, with a cinemagraph.

Active photos

  1. On the viewfinder, touch Image  and select Image to turn active photos on.
  2. Frame your photo, then touch Image.
  3. To view the clip, open the photo in the Camera or Photos app and touch Image.


  1. On the viewfinder, touch Image > Cinemagraph.
  2. Hold the phone steady.
  3. Touch & hold Image  to capture the scene.
  4. The camera suggests a portion of the scene to keep in motion or freeze. To change these settings:
    • Touch , Image then swipe over the part to keep in motion.
    • Touch , Image then swipe over the part to freeze.
  5. Touch PREVIEW to view the cinemagraph, then do one of the following:
    • Touch Save.
    • To reverse your changes, touch Image > Image .
    • To discard without saving, touch Image.

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