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How do I print from my moto e5 supra?

How do I print from my moto e5 supra?

Print from your phone

Set up printer
Before you begin, determine how your printer will connect to your phone:

  • Using Google Cloud Print to make your printer available from the internet. Be sure to add your printer to your Google account. Learn more.
  • Directly to your Wi-Fi router, using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). You may need to enter your printer’s IP address if your phone doesn’t automatically detect it. Find the IP address on your printer’s setting screen or from printer properties on a connected computer.
  • Directly to your phone. Touch your phone to your printer to connect them with NFC, bypassing network connection. Be sure that your printer is NFC enabled and that you've turned on NFC on your phone.

To connect your phone to the printer using Cloud Print:

  1. Go to Settings > Connected devices > Printing.
  2. Touch Add service and search for “Cloud Print”.
  3. Touch the Cloud Print app, then touch Install.

To connect your phone to the printer using Wi-Fi or NFC:

  1. Go to Settings > Connected devices > Printing.
  2. Touch the Print service for your brand of printer. If your printer’s brand is not listed, touch Add service and install the app for your brand’s print service plugin. Then turn it on .
  3. If your printer is not in the list of available printers, touch Image > Add printer > Image .
  4. Enter the printer's name and IP address.

Open the item in the appropriate app, such as:
  • A photo in Photos
  • An email
  • A document in Drive
  • A web page in Chrome.

Touch Print and select your printer.

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