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Print from my moto e5 plus

How do I print from the moto e5 plus?

To print from your phone:
  1. Open the item to print, such as:
    • A photo in Photos
    • An email
    • A document in Drive
    • A web page in Chrome.
  2. Touch  or  > Print. (In some apps, Share > Print.)
  3. Select printer options if needed.
  4. Touch .

To connect your printer and phone:
  1. Before you begin:
    • If your printer is connected to a Wi-Fi network, be sure the phone and your printer are connected to the same network.
    • If your printer supports Wi-Fi Direct, set up a direct connection between the phone and printer.
  2. Go to Settings > Connected devices > Printing.
  3. Touch Default Print Service to automatically find your printer.
    Once your printer is found, it is ready to print.
If your printer isn't found in Default Print Service:
  1. Touch Add service.
  2. In Play Store, search for “[printer brand] print service” and install the app for the printer's service plugin.
  3. Once installed, return to Settings > Connected devices > Printing and touch the print service plugin name to automatically find your printer.
  4. If your printer isn't found automatically, touch  > Add printer > .
  5. Enter the printer's name and IP address (found in your printer settings on connected computer).

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