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What is the 5G moto mod™?

What is the 5G moto mod™?

With the 5G moto mod, you’ll be the first to try the network of the future. With up to 10 times the speed of today’s wireless technology, say goodbye to buffering and hello to the fastest network ever.

You can download an entire 4K movie in seconds. Websites load instantaneously, and graphics-heavy apps are seamless. Plus, dramatically lower latency creates a smooth and responsive experience for interactive content like augment and virtual reality. You'll get more done with a consistent and reliable mobile experience that keeps up with you.

5G is very different from 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G – they were all defined by better incremental throughput and speed. 1G brought us voice, 2G enabled texting, 3G introduced data and apps and with 4G, we got mobile video. 5G will be a transformational leap greater than any other in the history of wireless.

In 2019 Verizon will launch 5G fixed wireless residential broadband followed by mobile in 3-5 cities.

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