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Camera Settings - moto z3 play

Camera Settings - moto z3 play

To see additional settings on your camera either swipe right or select Image, followed by Image Settings in the upper right corner.                                                                          



1.  Toggle the shutter sound off and on.

2. Switch storage location between phone and SD card.

3. Turn Quick capture off and on. Open your camera with a wrist turn.

4. Turn tap anywhere to capture off and on.

5. Turn Save Location off and on to record where you were at during photos.



1. Adjust Photo Size for rear camera.

2. Toggle Assistive Grid off and on for help taking lined up photos.


1. Adjust Video Size for rear camera

2. Adjust Slow Motion Video Size for rear camera.



 (Click here to learn more about Smart Camera)

1. Toggle Object Recognition off and on.

2. Toggle Landmark Recognition off and on.


1. Touch to open Play Tutorial for camera walk through.

2. View Open Source Licenses information.

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