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Using Google Now on the moto z3

Learn how to use Google Now to get info such as weather and traffic when you need it

Google Now delivers customized cards, based on information from your Google services (such as locations, searches, web history, Gmails, and calendar events) and from third-party products that you allow Google to access.

For example, you may get traffic reports before leaving for a dentist appointment, or receive train arrival times while waiting at the station after work. View your team's scores on game days, or find popular restaurants when you travel.


To get started, touch Image > Google.

To turn Google Now on/off, set your preferences, or learn more, open Google Now, touch Menu Image> Settings > Your Feed

Edit card settings or turn off card

To customize or turn off a card:

Do one of the following:

  1. Touch Image  on the card.
  2. Touch Menu Image > Settings > Your Feed

Adjust the settings as desired.

Do more with Google Now

Start by signing in to Chrome on your desktop and the Chrome browser on your phone to sync all your searches.  
Then sync the account that you use the most with Google Services, by opening Google Now, then touch Menu Image > SettingsAccounts & privacy > Google Account

More help

To learn more about Google Now touch Menu Image > Help

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