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Manage Applications - moto e5 cruise

How can I access the apps on the moto e5 cruise or download others?

Google Play is an entertainment hub full of music, movies, books, apps, and games. You can instantly access your content from all your Android devices. 

Touch Apps Image> Play Store

Open an application

Your phone comes with some apps pre installed, and you can download and install more.  

To open an app, from the home screen, touch Apps Image and touch an application from the list.

Switch between recent apps from anywhere

If you’re surfing the Web and want to quickly bring up your music player to switch songs, touch Overview (Recent) Image 

(Swipe right on the fingerprint sensor if using Moto One Button Navigation)

This displays a list of the most recent apps you've been using so that you can switch to another.

From here, you can also see all of your recently used apps. Touch the app window to open the recently used app.

Use two apps at once (split screen view)

If you're using the onscreen Image Image Image  navigation icons:

  1. Open the first app.
  2. Touch & hold Image.

    You'll see 2 screens. The bottom screen lists your recent apps. Also, Image  is now Image.
  3. In the bottom screen, select the second app to use.

If you're using the fingerprint sensor to navigate:

  1. Open both apps so they appear in the list of recent apps.
  2. Swipe right on the sensor to view recent apps.
  3. Touch & hold the first app and drag it to the top of the screen.
  4. In the bottom screen, select the second app to use.

To exit split screen view

Drag the black divider all the way up or down.

Or, touch & hold Image. If you're using the fingerprint sensor to navigate, touch the sensor.

Download apps

  1. Touch Apps Image
  2. Touch Play Store 
  3. Browse the Store for the app(s) you are interested in.

After you download an app, the icon for that app appears in your App Tray.

Tip: To let your smartphone install apps that are not from Google Play, tap  Image> Settings >  Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Install unknown apps

Remove apps

  1. Touch Apps Image
  2. Touch Play Store 
  3. Touch Menu 
  4. Touch My apps & games
  5. Touch the application that you want to remove
  6. Touch Uninstall, then confirm by touching OK

You can quickly get details for an app, temporarily stop it from running, or clear its data or cache.

You can also restore defaults (an easy way to reset an app), or uninstall an app -- all without going through menus. The key is to use the app tray.

  1. Touch Image
  2. Touch and hold the app icon, then drag the icon to:
    •  App info - To find out more about the app's data usage, to clear its data cache, force stop, or disable the app at the top of the screen.
    • Uninstall - To completely remove the app

Note: Pre installed apps can be disabled but cannot be removed.

To check for application updates: 

1. Touch

2. Touch Play Store

3. Touch Menu

4. Touch My apps

5. Any applications that can be updated will be listed at the top

6. You may also have the option Update All, or may need to update each app individually

7. Update all applications available

Click here for additional Google Play help.

Click here for details on Parental Controls.

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