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Calling - moto z3 play

How do I make and answer calls?

You can place calls from:

The Image  Phone app
The Image  Contacts app

To make a call:

  1. Touch Image.
  2. Touch Image and enter a number.
  3. If you enter a wrong number, touch .Image
  4. Touch Image to call the number.
  5. To hang up, touch Image.

To answer an incoming call:

  • On the Incoming call screen, touch Answer.
  • On the lock screen, swipe up to answer.

During a call, you can use the keypad to enter numbers or codes, use speakerphone or a paired Bluetooth device, and add other people to the call.

If you don’t want to talk to the caller, you can:

  • Divert the call to voicemail. On the Incoming call screen, touch Dismiss. Or, on the lock screen, drag Image  down. You can also automatically divert all calls from a specified number to voicemail in the contact's settings.
  • Respond with a text message. On the lock screen, swipe Image up from the lower left hand corner. Choose from the default messages or select write your own.
  • Block all calls from that number. Image > RECENTS > Touch & hold a call from the number to block > Block number.

Other call options

  1. Touch Image.
  2. Place a call by doing any of the following:
    • To dial by voice, touch  and say a name or number. (Or, skip the Phone app entirely and use a voice command to call someone.)
    • To call someone by name, start typing the name in the search box. You'll see a list of possible matches. Just touch one to call.
    • To dial a number, touch DIALER, enter a number and touch Image. If you enter a wrong number, touch Image.
    • To scroll through contacts and touch a number to call, touch CONTACTS. (If the dialer is open, swipe down to see the CONTACTS tab.)
    • To call contacts that you've starred, touch the SPEED DIAL tab.
    • To return a call, touch RECENTS, then touch  next to the number.
  3. During a call, you can use the keypad to enter numbers or codes, use speakerphone or a paired Bluetooth device, and add other people to the call. Learn more.
  4. To hang up, touch Image.

During a call

Your screen goes dark to avoid accidental touches. To wake it up, move it away from your face or press the Power button.

During a call, you can:

  • Multitask. Touch Image to hide the call screen and use other apps. To return to the call screen, swipe the status bar down and touch Ongoing call.
  • Answer another call. If call waiting is active and a new call comes in, you can answer it. The first call is put on hold. Touch Image to merge the two calls.
  • Adjust the volume. Use the volume button on the side of the phone.
  • Use speakerphone. Touch Image.
  • Use a paired Bluetooth device. Touch Image to use or stop using the device.
  • Mute your microphone. Touch Image.
  • Enter numbers, such as a conference code. Touch DIALER.
  • Add another person to the call. Touch Image.
  • To end a call, touch Image.


ImageNote: When you hold the smartphone to your ear, the display goes dark to prevent accidental touches. When you move the smartphone away from your ear, the display lights up again. During a call, your screen might stay dark if the sensor is covered. We do not recommend using covers or screen protectors that cover this sensor.

Clear call history

Clear all calls

  1. Touch Image > Image > Call History.
  2. Touch Image > Clear call history.

Make conference calls

To make a conference call:

  1. Call the first person.
  2. To call the next person, touch ADD CALL, touch the KEYPAD at the bottom, enter the number, then touch Image.
  3. To join the calls after the second person answers, touch MERGE CALLS.


  • To find your phone number, touch Apps Image  > Settings > SystemAbout Phone > My Phone number.

  • To silence an incoming call alert quickly, press Power or either volume key

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