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Wi-Fi - moto g6 forge

Setup and troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues - moto g6 forge

Some Wi‑Fi networks are open and you can simply connect for internet access. Other Wi‑Fi networks are secure and require you to enter a password. Contact the Wi-Fi network's owner for the password.
To search for and connect with available Wi‑Fi networks:
  1. Open quick settings then touch & hold .

  2. Turn Use Wi‑Fi on .
    You'll see a list of available networks. If a network needs a password, you'll see .

  3. Touch the Wi‑Fi network you want to connect to.
  4. If the network is a secure one, enter the password. For your home network, get the password from the label on the Wi-Fi router. For a public network, get the password from the business or organization.
Tip: Make sure you enter the password correctly. Touch Show password to see what you’re typing.

When your phone is connected, you'll see  in the status bar. If the connection is poor,  appears in the status bar.

Change networks
  1. Open quick settings, then touch & hold .
  2. In the list of nearby networks:
    • To connect to a different network, touch its name.
    • To change settings for the currently connected network, touch  > .
    • To change settings for a saved network, touch & hold its name, then touch Modify network.

Remove networks
If you don't want to automatically connect to a saved Wi-Fi network, you can forget that network.
  1. Open quick settings, then touch & hold .
  2. If the network appears in your list of nearby networks, touch & hold its name, then touch Forget network.
  3. To review all of your saved networks, touch Saved networks. For each network you want to remove, touch its name, then touch Forget network.

Turn Wi-Fi off

To extend the life of your battery between charges, turn off Wi‑Fi when you're not in a location with access to Wi‑Fi.
Open quick settings and touch  to turn it off.

Disable Wi-Fi scanning
  1. Go to Settings > Security & location.
  2. Touch Location > Advanced > Scanning.
  3. Turn Wi‑Fi scanning off.

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