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Set up Voicemail - moto g6 play

How do I set up different options on voicemail?

Contact your carrier for help setting or recovering your password/PIN for voicemail.

Set mailbox greeting
Your carrier provides and manages your voicemail.
To set your greeting:
  1. Touch  >
  2. Touch & hold  to dial into your mailbox.
  3. Follow your carrier’s system prompts. If your voicemail is not set up, contact your carrier for instructions.

Change voicemail options
  1. Touch  >  > Settings (If you don't see , swipe down on the screen.)
  2. Touch Voicemail
  3. If you have dual SIMS, touch the SIM for the account to change.
  4. Touch Advanced Settings
  5. Change any of the options:
    • To change voicemail service from your provider to another voicemail service or app, touch Service.
    • To change the number dialed to access voicemail, touch Setup.

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