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Home Screen - moto g6 play

moto g6 play - Home Screen

You see the home screen when you turn on and unlock your phone or touch Image.

You can add more pages to the right as needed. To add a page, drag an app shortcut or widget to the edge of an existing page and place it on the new page.

Swipe right or left to move between pages.

Here are the parts of your home screen:


  1. Status bar: Displays the time and icons that tell you about your phone's battery and network connections. Swipe down to view your notifications and to open quick settings.
  2. Widget: You can add widgets to your home screen for quick access to information or frequent tasks.
  3. Shortcut: You can add shortcuts to open apps or web pages you use frequently.
  4. App list: Swipe Image up from the bottom of the screen to see the list of all your apps.
  5. Favorites tray: Provides one touch access to your most-used apps from any home screen page. You can customize which apps appear here.
  6. Navigation:

    Image takes you back one screen.
    Image returns you to the home screen from any app.
    Image lets you switch between recent apps. Touch to see a list of recent apps. Touch twice to switch between your two most recent apps. Touch & hold to use split screen.
  7. Folder: Add folders to organize app shortcuts.


  • When the phone is in Battery Saver mode, the top (status bar) and bottom (navigation buttons) of the home screen turn orange.

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