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Insert or remove the SIM/SD card - moto e5 play

Insert or remove the SIM card - moto e5 play


You can remove and replace a nano SIM or optional microSD card.

Remove back cover

  1. Turn your phone upside down, and put your fingernail in the notch on the bottom corner.
  2. Pry off the cover. Don’t be afraid to use a little muscle.


Replace SIM or SD card

After removing the cover, insert or remove cards as needed:

  1. If you're inserting or removing a SIM card, remove the battery.
  2. To remove a SIM card, push the card down from the top of the slot, then pull the card from the bottom.

  3. To insert a SIM, slide it into the SIM slot with gold contacts facing down.

  4. To insert an SD card, push it into the SD slot.


Replace back cover

  1. Insert the battery face up.

  2. Snap the cover on.


Click here for details on memory card.

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