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Import / Export Contacts for Google Drive Backup - moto e5 play

Import / Export Contacts for Google Drive Backup - moto e5 play

To export contacts to a .vcf file and create a backup of your contacts: 

  1. From the home screen, touch Contacts
  2. Touch Image in the upper right
  3. Select Contacts to Display
  4. Make sure All Contacts is selected, or select the account you want to backup.
  5. Press the Image 
  6. Touch Image again.
  7. Touch Import/Export
  8. Touch Export to .vcf file. 
  9. Handset will confirm VCF filename. Change the name of the file if you wish.
  10. Select Image in the upper left
  11. Select Drive
  12. Select My Drive
  13. Touch SAVE in the lower right hand corner.

The .vcf file is now stored on your Google Drive, and you have created a backup for your contacts.

To import contacts from a .vcf file and restore them to your device:

  1. ContactsFrom the home screen, touch 
  2. Touch Image in the upper right
  3. Touch Import/Export
  4. Touch Import from .vcf file
  5. Locate the .vcf file you want to import.
  6. Touch the file and select the account you want the contacts created under.

Your contacts have now been imported and should appear in your contact application. It can take a few minutes for all contacts to load if it is a large file.


    • Contacts are exported in vcf (V Card) format.
    • You need to set up an email account before you can import contacts.



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